Why you should download NordVPN – The ultimate guide to the best VPN service

If you do a survey, you’ll find out that almost everyone has heard the term ‘VPN’ and might also somewhat know what it does. If I tell you about my experience, I asked a friend who is not tech savvy at all and all she knew about a VPN was that it hides the country you’re in.

This is exactly the case with most people out there!

They aren’t well familiar with VPNs because they aren’t aware of how exposed their online data is without it. They are completely oblivious to the super high cybercrime rates, which FYI have climbed up by 300% in USA alone during the pandemic.

Why is a VPN Important for network Security?

Most of these cybercrimes include phishing scams and data breaches where your highly personal and confidential data, like credit card info, can be stolen! Imagine what a big trouble this would be.

In 2021, it has become more important than ever to download a VPN service on all your devices. After reading this, you might head straight to google and type in ‘best VPN 2021’ but let me warn you – it is going to be an overwhelming process. So, you better let us handle this part of the game!

NordVPN is your best friend that will always have your back! The VPN protocol that NordVPN offers is a refashioned version of Wireguard called NordLynx, and this is enough to convey the message that it provides hardline online security!

If you don’t know what Wireguard is, in layman terms, it is one of the most promising protocols available out there and is being prioritized by all top VPN providers for its benefits like high speed, support for a variety of devices, and being lightweight in terms of eating up the device’s battery.

NordVPN is not only easy on the pocket, but also blends speed with security so well that the entire experience feels like a smooth breeze.

Let’s dig right into this article and convince you about why you should download NordVPN right away! If you want to right now, grab the best deal here!

Is VPN Important for Torrenting?

Well, while all other VPN service providers ensure that their users’ data is never exposed because they don’t keep any logs, there is a small loophole right here in this statement. They usually mean that they don’t keep activity logs, nothing straightforward is said about connection logs!

Hence, it’s a piece of cake for the concerned authorities to trace the connection to its originator and pinpoint you right at your door. This is exactly where NordVPN proves its ultimate sincerity to its users!

NordVPN keeps no logs whatsoever, whether activity or connection! I know what you’re thinking. If you are opening a NordVPN account and paying with a credit card, how on earth can you be untraceable? Well, you still can because NordVPN allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, to create a completely anonymous account, using a burner email address is always a great option.

This brilliant privacy protocol is a life saver for torrent users and NordVPN is quite vocal about the support it offers to torrenters too!

Why should you choose NordVPN out of all the available options?

Well, simple because it’s the best. NordVPN comes with a variety of features like the kill switch options. Don’t know what that is? Well, think of a friend who always reminds you about the assignment that you forgot – rings a bell? That’s exactly what NordVPN does. It prevents any chance of accidental insecure internet browsing. Moreover, you can customize this option by turning it on for only certain apps or all of them.

NordVPN even has the option of obfuscated server built into all of its apps. If you are in a very restrictive environment with technologies in place to prevent you from connecting to a VPN, you can still reroute your traffic by opting for the option of obfuscated server. It’ll hide the fact that you are connected to a VPN! How awesome is that?

To make things super clear for you, we have put together comparisons between NordVPN and its leading competitors for you guys!

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

Privacy Options:

If we talk about privacy options, NordVPN is the better service. When it says it keeps no logs, it means it to the core!

An independent third party regularly audits NordVPN to ensure that it has been true to its word of keeping no logs. It does store your payment information and email ID though, for obvious reasons, but these can’t be traced back to your online activity! Alternatively, you can pay with cryptocurrencies and use a burner email ID for complete anonymity.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN does keep connection logs and stores some information like the date on which you connected, server you connected to, and the country you were in when you connected. Although this data is recorded for better optimization purposes and ExpressVPN’s RAM-only servers ensure that it’s deleted every time after a reboot, its still recorded right? That cannot ensure a complete peace of mind.


This is the single category where ExpressVPN outperforms NordVPN, as is indicated in these speed test results. ExpressVPN wins the game with a whopping average speed of 135 Mbps, whereas NordVPN shows an average of 115 Mbps.

Although this difference does seem substantial, NordVPN does leave ExpressVPN behind when all its features are collectively placed on the table (read: price, privacy options, number of servers, etc.).

However, if speed is the only point of concern for you, and you are willing to spend those extra dollars for it, ExpressVPN can seal the deal for you!


Overall, NordVPN proves to be much lighter on the pocket when you commit to it in the long term compared to ExpressVPN! Let’s prove it to you here:

If you subscribe to ExpressVPN for 1 year, you’ll get 3 months free. Here you’re saving 49% and getting 3 months free! However, on the other hand, if you commit to NordVPN for 2 years, you get 3 months free and a rate as low as $3.67 monthly! This means a total discount of 72% plus 3 months free.

There you go, the rest I’ll leave to your own judgement!

NordVPN vs Surfshark VPN

Privacy Options: Although NordVPN and Surfshark both use an OpenVPN protocol and successfully pass every DNS leak test, NordVPN has a slight edge over Surfshark. This is because it boasts 70 double VPN connections whereas Surfshark offers only 13.

This means that NordVPN offers you 70 different options from which you can opt for any two servers to connect to simultaneously. In this way, all your outgoing traffic will be rerouted through two encrypted tunnels rather than one, which will further strengthen your online security!

Apart from this, NordVPN also offers Onion over VPN servers which means that your outgoing traffic is first sent to an encrypted server and then through TOR which is known as the most secure browser out there! This is some military grade encryption right there.

Speed: NordVPN is the clear winner in this category. It demonstrated a higher speed compared to Surfshark in all tests, and it was established that it runs 39% faster than Surfshark. That’s a huge difference!

Pricing: NordVPN would cost you $3.67 a month if you opt for a 2-year plan, while Surfshark would suck out $2.49 every month out of your bank account for a similar subscription plan.

While Surfshark is clearly the cheaper option, it is the lower quality option too. You’ll be able to save $1.22 but is it worth having to tolerate lower security and lagging speeds?

NordVPN vs Cyberghost VPN

Privacy Options: Since we have already discussed all the promising security features of NordVPN in the above comparisons, let’s head straight into why you shouldn’t be opting for Cyberghost. Well, firstly because the Cyberghost adblocker doesn’t work with HTTPS sites.

Additionally, it uses traffic manipulation for the ads that it blocks which suck big time. On the other hand, NordVPN blocks ads through DNS requests and works very well on HTTPS websites.

In addition to this, Cyberghost is average when it comes to its privacy options. There’s no way it comes even close to the top-of-the-line security options offered by NordVPN!

Speed: NordVPN is the clear winner in this category and leaves behind Cyberghost by 100s of Mbps in all the speed tests performed in different locations all around USA.

Pricing: The cheapest price for NordVPN so far for its 2-year subscriptions plan is $3.67 a month as mentioned already. On the other hand, the cheapest price for Cyberghost currently is stuck at $2.75 a month but this is for 18 months rather than 24.

Although Cyberghost seems cheaper here, you should keep in mind that it offers a 7-day free trail unlike NordVPN!

NordVPN boasts a full 30-day free trial to help you be sure about your decision before you make it, and guarantees a 100% refund if you’re not happy in the end!

So, giddy up my friend! Get your hands on the best NordVPN deal here before the time runs out.

How can NordVPN keep you safe in this era of high cybercrime rates

By ensuring safe online shopping

The convenience that online shopping offers us is unmatched! Who wouldn’t love it if you can get everything from your monthly groceries to your furniture delivered at your doorstep with just a click?

However, the flip side to this coin is a high chance of online security breach. When you’re shopping online, you’re visiting various ecommerce websites and filling in your details like email ID, payment information, etc. We can’t be oblivious to the fact that this isn’t safe! If you are an online shopper, a VPN service is a must have for you and out of all the leading VPN players in the market, NordVPN is the best! Its affordable price, great browsing speed, and top-notch security features makes it he best VPN of 2021.

By minimizing risk of stolen Data

Let’s keep it simple – anything you search for online can be accessed by even the most basic hacker who’s still a rookie! That’s how easy it is for anyone to steal your data online and put you through a great deal of trouble.

The only way to tackle this risk is by encrypting all your outgoing internet traffic and this is exactly what NordVPN does! It reroutes all your outgoing internet traffic through its servers and makes it practically impossible for anyone to trace you.

NordVPN is a great service that can fully protect your data from being stolen! We aren’t doing any fake advocacy here. There are many DNS leak tests that have been performed for NordVPN that prove this point.

NordVPN is your best friend if you own a business

If you are an entrepreneur and handle certain operations for your business online, not having NordVPN installed on your PC and phone can cause a major blow to your business! Nobody knows when, but it can happen anytime.

The image below explains why having a VPN is important if you run a business online.

NordVPN review

NordVPN Android App Review

NordVPN claims to have designed its android app while keeping a stern focus on the experience of its end user! and let me tell you, they’re not just blabbering. We had a look at their android app, and it speaks for itself.

The NordVPN android app doesn’t let you browse online unprotected – it shows a grey header when its disconnected and a bright green one when its connected. Your eyes become so used to that bright green header that when its not there, your mind automatically realizes that there’s something missing! Apart from this, the NordVPN android app offers a multitude of features for its users like split tunneling, automated kill switch, dark web monitor, tap jacking protection, and it also allows you to customize your DNS setup! In short, NordVPN has got you covered.

NordVPN Smart DNS Review

NordVPN comes with a built in Smart DNS which enables it to do a great job at unblocking geo-blocked content, like Netflix libraries, without speed loss.

This is an amazing attribute especially if we consider that the major problem associated with accessing geo-blocked content through VPNs is lagging speed. NordVPN Smart DNS will kick this problem out of your life!

It does this by replacing the DNS address that your ISP has provided you with the DNS address of a different server located in a country that you choose! Moreover, NordVPN’s built-in smart DNS doesn’t drain your device’s battery because its super lightweight. This shows that NordVPN has done a great job at blending speed (ensured by smart DNS) with cast-iron security provided by its top-notch VPN service. This 2 in 1 solution is all you need in your life!

NordVPN Chrome Extension Review

This chrome extension legit provides you with military-grade online security for all your browsing, streaming, and torrenting needs. The awesome-ness doesn’t stop here though! The NordVPN chrome extension is also super lightweight, and you can take my word for it – there is no speed lag while browsing or streaming.

Apart from this, if you go for this bomb NordVPN chrome extensions, you’ll be able to choose any server from a whopping number of countries – I’m talking about 60! Yes, you heard me right. Moreover, it blocks all those flashy annoying ads and protects you from malware. In a nutshell, this NordVPN Chrome Extension really goes out of its way to help you have a complete peace of mind! It literally makes you untraceable even to the expert hackers.

How NordVPN works with CloudFlare

Unfortunately, you can’t get the best of both worlds here. It would be ideal if users could use CloudFlare’s DNS services and couple it with NordVPN’s top-notch security features. However, this cannot happen!

This is because NordVPN makes the choice about which DNS server can be used. This isn’t the user’s decision! Therefore, when you’re on NordVPN, you do not have the liberty to choose CloudFlare as your DNS service provider.

NordVPN for Gaming

In normal circumstances, like when you’re torrenting or surfing casually through the web, NordVPN uses a shared address allocation system to protect the IP address from being exposed.

What happens is that the NordVPN server, to which you are connected, allocates its own IP address to all your activities on the web. It also allocates the same IP address to all other users connected to it at that time. Therefore, if someone tries to trace back any of your specific activity back to you, they’ll be taken to the VPN server rather than you and it’ll be impossible for them to guess which user performed that specific activity online. This shared address system is managed by a NAT firewall aka PAT (Port Address Mapping) system, which provides firewall protection. This firewall protection prevents identification of the original IP address behind the gateway through address translation.

While this works great for normal web surfing, the scenario is a bit different for gamers! The NAT firewall does not apply if you want to set up your own gaming server. For that, you will have to accept incoming connections and need a private IP address to fulfill your purpose. Well, unlike its next best competitor ExpressVPN, NordVPN offers this service. But since there isn’t any gain without pain, you’d have to pay an extra $70 annually.

If we talk about gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc. none of them offer the option for installing a NordVPN app. Therefore, you will have to set up NordVPN and install it directly on your router for this purpose, or you could simply utilize NordVPN’s smart DNS feature. It will help you unlock a great variety of regionally blocked apps since the number of servers it offers is mind blowing!

How To Download NordVPN

For Windows

The standard procedure for downloading NordVPN, logging in, and connecting to NordVPN servers is the same for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. The best way to go about setting up NordVPN on your PC is by downloading the NordVPN native app, since it has an extremely user friendly interface and gives easy access to a lot of great features like kill switch,  Cybersec, double VPN, and onion servers, etc.

Although downloading an app is something we’re all familiar with in today’s day and age, here is a great tutorial that explains in detail how you can set up your NordVPN account, connect to a specific NordVPN server, and configure various settings.

For MacOS

If you are a MAC user, you can either download the ikev2 version of NordVPN app or its OpenVPN version. However, the choice between the two versions depends on the firmware of your macOS device. If your device’s version is older than 10.12, you’ll have to go for the OpenVPN version of NordVPN app and if its firmware is 10.12 or above, the IKEv2 version would be the best choice for you! You can download the former version from NordVPN’s official website, while the latter versions can be accessed on the Apple App Store of all macOS devices anywhere anytime!

Once you’ve downloaded a specific NordVPN app version, you can follow the following tutorials for setting up your NordVPN account, getting connected to its servers, and configuring other essential setting:

IKEv2 version

OpenVPN version

For iOS

If you want to download NordVPN on your iPhone or iPad, you can access the NordVPN application for iOS here! That’s pretty much it. The remaining part of setting up a NordVPN account on the iOS app and choosing which server to connect to based on your needs is something that this amazing tutorial can help you with!

For Linux

In order to connect your Linux device to NordVPN servers, just like Windows, you’ll have to download the native NordVPN app on your Linux device. Although downloading the NordVPN native application part is the same, the method of setting up NordVPN on different Linux distributions varies.

To make things easier for you, we have looked up authentic and detailed NordVPN setting up tutorials for each of the main Linux distributions which you can use based on your Linux type. For setting up NordVPN on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Elementary OS, go for this tutorial. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to setting up NordVPN on QubesOS and Fedora, you can use this tutorial. In addition to this, you can run NordVPN on openSUSE by following this tutorial, and on RHEL and CentOS by getting your hands on this tutorial.

For Amazon Firestick

If you own a first-generation amazon fire device, there’s bad news for you! The first-generation amazon fire devices are not compatible with a VPN connection and hence, NordVPN cannot be set up on them!

However, any amazon fire device that is latest than the first generation can be connected to a VPN service. If you own an amazon fire device that’s latest than the first generation, you can download the native NordVPN app on your firestick by accessing it on the Amazon app store here.

For the remaining procedure of creating a NordVPN account, setting it up, and configuring other settings for NordVPN on your firestick, you can follow this detailed tutorial!

For Android

In order to set up NordVPN on an android device, all you have to do is download the NordVPN app from Play store and then set it up by following the instructions mentioned here! It is dead simple. This is the same procedure that’ll take its course if you’re thinking about downloading NordVPN on your Android TV.

For Chrome

If you want to be able to browse securely while using chrome, the best way is to reroute all your outgoing traffic through NordVPN servers! Yes, you can do this because NordVPN offers a special dedicated extension for its chrome users. You can get your hands on this extension here.

NordVPN claims that its browser extension for chrome uses HTTPS to secure all your outgoing traffic. It also boasts the CyberSec feature that protects users from malware and blocks all those annoying flashy ads!

After downloading the NordVPN Chrome Extension, you can set it up successfully by following this tutorial!

How to get a NordVPN free trial

NordVPN offers an authentic 30-day free trial with a 100% money back guarantee. This provides users with the opportunity to test the service completely before making the final call. Our friends at Compari tech have tested the money back option and testify that you do get 100% of your money back without having to prove anything! All you have to do is cancel the subscription.

To get the NordVPN free trial, you just have to follow some simple steps:

  1. Go to NordVPN checkout page here and select a plan that you want.
  2. Go to continue to payment option and click on it.
  3. The website will ask for your payment details. Once you’ve provided them the details, a certain amount of money equal to the cost of plan you selected will be deducted (don’t fret, you’ll be refunded with the exact same amount if you request a refund within one month i.e. 30 days of purchase)
  4. Download NordVPN app and create an account.
  5. Log into the app, connect to a server, and start using your online bodyguard! Your 30-day free trial has officially begun.

You can get your hands on the lowest price offered by NordVPN so far right here!

NordVPN coupon codes 2021

You can get great discounts with NordVPN coupon codes if you put in a little effort and dig them up! The NordVPN coupon codes are a great way to save some more bucks over the already extremely affordable subscription cost! They come up with monthly coupon codes and you can get your hands on the NordVPN coupon codes for October right here!

Naturally, now the question that arises is ‘How to apply a NordVPN coupon code?’. For this, all you have to do is follow this easy peazy tutorial here and you’ll be good to go!

Free trial for iOS

If you have made any purchases related to NordVPN through Apple App Store, NordVPN doesn’t take the responsibility of granting the refund even if you make the claim at the right time. For this purpose, you will have to get in touch with the Apple App Store support and request them for approving your refund.

How to use NordVPN for Netflix

NordVPN outperforms all its competitors when it comes to streaming. This is because of its tremendous unblocking ability and high speed for streaming services. Not only this, NordVPN also has the greatest number of servers to choose from when compared to any of its rivals. This means you can access a wide range of regionally blocked Netflix libraries. NordVPN takes your Netflix and chill time to a whole new level!

To unlock a specific Netflix library anywhere in the world with NordVPN, all you have to do is follow these simple 3 steps:

  1. Install the NordVPN app on your smart TV, iPhone, iPad, etc.  and create a NordVPN account on it. If you already have an account, just sign in.
  2. Select a server in a location of your choice.
  3. Open Netflix on the same device and start streaming. You’ll be looking at geo-blocked content from the specific location your selected.

How to add NordVPN to Router

VPN routers are an amazing option if you want network wide online security. This means that all the devices connected to a VPN router will be protected by it without having to individually download a VPN application on each device! Whenever you get online on a device connected to the VPN router, all the traffic is automatically redirected to the VPN server and is encrypted, making it untraceable.

These VPN routers work especially well to secure your devices that are not VPN compatible, like gaming consoles i.e., Ps4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. In simple words, these devices don’t allow you to download a VPN app on them!

Although VPN routers are great when it come to providing network wide security and ensures online security for VPN incompatible devices, there is a flip side to this. VPN routers make it hard to manage your VPN settings since there is no user interface, and the encryption power depends on the type of your router. So, choosing the right VPN compatible router is half the game, and the remaining half is going for a VPN service that is compatible with router connections! And if you want to get your hands on the best one, don’t think beyond NordVPN.

It can be quite taxing to figure out if your router supports NordVPN or not. To make the process easy, you can visit this tutorial page on NordVPN’s original website. They have listed routers that can be configured for NordVPN and if you can find the one you own on the list, you’re good to go! If not, then you might have to dig in further to figure out if your router even supports VPN or if its firmware needs upgrading to support VPN. You can also find the setup tutorials for a range of routers here!

The process for setting up NordVPN is unique for each router brand. Let’s see how you can configure NordVPN on the following mostly used router brands:

How to add NordVPN to ASUS Router

ASUS routers offer great convenience in this case! If you have an ASUS router, you won’t have to flash any brand-new firmware that is compatible with a VPN connection like DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, etc. That’s because these routers come with native VPN firmware!

Now coming to the next part of setting up NordVPN on an ASUS router, all you have to do is follow this simple tutorial and you’ll be good to go!

How to add NordVPN to NetGear Router

If you own a net gear router, you will have to update its firmware for it to support NordVPN. The first step in this process would be to check your router’s compatibility with DD-WRT firmware. You can do this easily by visiting this website! Once you have ensured the compatibility, all you have to do is install the DD-WRT firmware on your router.

After successfully doing this, you can connect NordVPN on your router by following this tutorial mentioned on NordVPN’s official website.

How to add NordVPN to Virgin Media or Sky Router

Unfortunately, you cannot! Virgin media and sky routers do not support VPN services, therefore installing NordVPN on these isn’t an option!

Alternatively, what you can do is buy another router that is compatible with NordVPN (you can get a list of NordVPN compatible routers here) and use your virgin media or sky router as a modem. Another great alternative that can save you a couple of bucks too is the Invizbox 2 – a router that has dedicated hardware built in it for providing VPN services. The best part is that you can use your existing NordVPN account for it and you just have to plug it in your virgin media or sky router! Voila, there you have your NordVPN on your virgin media and sky router.

How to add NordVPN to BT Router

Like virgin media and sky routers, BT routers are also not compatible with VPN connections. Therefore, it isn’t possible to configure NordVPN on them. You’ll have to get your hands on a router that is compatible with NordVPN or the one that comes pre-configured with a VPN connection.

How to Cancel A NordVPN Free Trial and Get A Refund

According to NordVPN’s refund policy, it will grant you a refund only if you claim the cancellation of your 30-day free trial no longer than 30 days after the date of your initial purchase. For requesting a refund, you will have to contact NordVPN’s customer support services either through live chat on their website or via email. Once they approve the refund, you will get your money back within 1-2 days!

However, if you are looking forward to getting a refund for recurring subscription payments after the subscription’s renewal, that won’t be possible. NordVPN’s refund policy doesn’t approve of that!

How to Delete Your NordVPN Account

To delete your NordVPN account, you will first have to cancel the autorenewal of your NordVPN subscription. To do this, you have to follow certain steps which are mentioned here in detail along with screenshots to ensure prevention of any kind of confusion.

Once you’re done with the first step, you will now have to fill this form to request the deletion of your NordVPN account. If you are unable to access this form, you might have to disable the ad blocking software if you’re using one! If this doesn’t work, make sure to contact NordVPN’s customer support team and make them aware of your inability to access the account removal form.

For a more elaborate step-by-step process for deleting your NordVPN account and getting a refund, head over to this article! It explains every step with screenshots to make every step super convenient for you.

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